Ava's Adventures is a 3 part illustrated children's book series.

The series follows a young girl named Ava, who enjoys playing outside and going on adventures. These adventures take her to new places and let her meet new friends- friends that are out of this world!

Book 1 in the series is Ava in the Clouds

One of Ava's favorite pastimes is cloud-watching. There is no limit to what the imagination can see in the clouds! The possibilities are endless. But one day she gets more than expected when she sees a shining object drop out of the clouds and land in a bush nearby. Always curious, Ava runs to see what it was. Her day, which started out so normal, turns into an extraordinary adventure.

Ava in the Clouds is a book for children ranging in age from 0 -8 years. It can be read aloud to children, or they can read it to themselves. It's great for both boys and girls and focuses on the whimsy of childhood, taking pleasure in the simple things in life, and embracing adventure, fun and new friends.

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