Illustrated Story. A planet whale floats through space

Monday Morning Storytime – Spacewhale

My first Monday Morning Storytime, an exercise I decided to do every Monday morning to stretch my creativity, as well as to give my social media followers something nice to look forward to on a dreary Monday morning and hopefully brighten up their feeds. It’s an illustration with an accompanying snippet of a story. Spacewhale lazily meandered through the Aquacosmos, his satellite fish drifting aimlessly beside him.They weren’t bad company, but he craved the camaraderie of another planet-bearer , one who understood the responsibility and weight of the creations he carried on his back.It was fortuitous when he saw his […]

Comic Strip – Tuppy and Sock-Sock- Forbidden Love

It’s been a while since my last blog post! I acknowledge this and I do feel very sheepish about it- I am trying to keep my blog posting kind of regular, but it is a little difficult with so much going on; full time job, freelance work, trying to keep my own personal projects going as well as making time for family, friends and my fiance! But I did at least manage to make a little comic strip on something that is the bane of my life! (well, ok, one of many). I’d like to do some more comic strips. […]