Artwork of Baphomet the sphynx cat

Monday Morning Storytime – Baphomet’s Trick

Baphomet stared in consternation at the strange creature sitting before her. “What ARE you?” She sneered in disgust. “I am a Good Boy!” Woofed the creature, wriggling excitedly. “A Good Boy ? You’re a “Good Boy”? That’s not a thing.” She muttered, lip still curled. “Well, whatever you are, you’re disgusting. What do you want?” “I want… I want the humans to love me ! And to always be a Good Boy! And to go for walks and get tummy scratches! And to eat! And to-” Baphomet held up a paw to stop him. “I see. Well, I can help […]

Illustration of a mermaid trapped in a glass teapot

Monday Morning Storytime – The Glass Teapot Mermaid

The glass teapot was the only home Pterryn could remember. She had been living in it for so long that even the thought of leaving it caused her hearts to beat faster and her gills to open and shut too spasmodically for her to breathe. The world outside her teapot seemed a very large and intimidating place, with too much movement and colours and noises constantly going past her . The only respite was when the windows to The Unknown grew dark, and the humans turned off all the electrical lights in the house, and left her, finally, alone. And […]

Illustration of a mandrake root baby

Monday Morning Storytime – The Forest Witch finds Love

The forest witch wearily stuck her shovel back into the unforgiving soil, levering up another dry mound. Would anything ever grow here? She lifted the shovel, and paused, thinking she had heard something. None of the town’s folk ever came up this way. Once, she had lived on the outskirts of the town, and helped the town’s people with their medicinal needs. But a travelling reverend had convinced them that she was ungodly, and she had been chased from her home. They had killed and strung up her dear cat and friend, Cotton, claiming she was the witch’s familiar and her […]

Illustration - a spirit guide meets the lonely spirit of a stray cat

Monday Morning Storytime – All and the Cat

All crouched down, tentatively extending a hand to the recently deceased cat’s spirit. The spirit mewed plaintively and sniffed All’s hand, not yet realising that such earthly senses were lost to it now. All sighed in pity, noticing the ribs showing in the mange – ridden body. The cat had been a stray, like so many of the neglected and lonely spirits All brought into The Family. All too was a stray, of sorts. That’s why The Family had been started in the first place. To give all the forgotten and lonely souls a place to belong and be accepted. Something […]

Illustrated Story. A planet whale floats through space

Monday Morning Storytime – Spacewhale

My first Monday Morning Storytime, an exercise I decided to do every Monday morning to stretch my creativity, as well as to give my social media followers something nice to look forward to on a dreary Monday morning and hopefully brighten up their feeds. It’s an illustration with an accompanying snippet of a story. Spacewhale lazily meandered through the Aquacosmos, his satellite fish drifting aimlessly beside him.They weren’t bad company, but he craved the camaraderie of another planet-bearer , one who understood the responsibility and weight of the creations he carried on his back.It was fortuitous when he saw his […]