Illustrated Story. A planet whale floats through space

Monday Morning Storytime – Spacewhale

My first Monday Morning Storytime, an exercise I decided to do every Monday morning to stretch my creativity, as well as to give my social media followers something nice to look forward to on a dreary Monday morning and hopefully brighten up their feeds. It’s an illustration with an accompanying snippet of a story.

Spacewhale lazily meandered through the Aquacosmos, his satellite fish drifting aimlessly beside him.They weren’t bad company, but he craved the camaraderie of another planet-bearer , one who understood the responsibility and weight of the creations he carried on his back.It was fortuitous when he saw his friend Cosmicturtle just a few light years away, heading in his direction. He sent an anticipatory electromagnetic pulse in greeting; ” Whaduuup bitch!?”

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