Pop the Culture Festival -  2d Animated Short - Festival Opening

I entered a competition to create an animated short for the Pop the Culture/ Kunjanimation Festival, which is held annually in Cape Town.

I was given a brief, which requested a representation of looking forward and leaving the past behind. The assets I was given included the Kunjanimation logo,

which is the head of the main character. I gave him a body and used the festival poster references for the look and feel of the animation and the general

mood of the short.

The shadow in the animation represents the past and the ability to swallow us if we don't keep looking ahead towards the future.

The character falls into the shadow and is almost swallowed by his past- he thinks the ghosts of his past, which dwell in his shadow, are going to drag him

further under, but then his hopes for the future - represented by the jellyfish- buoy him up and save him.

The short was screened at the Labia Theatre in Cape Town before each film screening at the festival


The software I used was Adobe Illustrator and After Effects.

The sound I recorded mostly on my phone, then edited in Audacity.


Please contact me if you would like an animation done for any occasion - I do both 2d and 3d.

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