Illustration of a mermaid trapped in a glass teapot

Monday Morning Storytime – The Glass Teapot Mermaid

The glass teapot was the only home Pterryn could remember. She had been living in it for so long that even the thought of leaving it caused her hearts to beat faster and her gills to open and shut too spasmodically for her to breathe. The world outside her teapot seemed a very large and intimidating place, with too much movement and colours and noises constantly going past her . The only respite was when the windows to The Unknown grew dark, and the humans turned off all the electrical lights in the house, and left her, finally, alone.

And that’s when she started wondering about what it would be like to leave the teapot. To find others like her, like the humans had others like them. To go out into The Unknown, like the humans sometimes did. They didn’t seem to be afraid to go there. So why should she be?

Of course, Pterryn was smaller than they were. And they didn’t seem to need the water to breathe, like she did. But surely she had come from another place? A place of water, with others like her? And surely, she had somehow gotten from that place to this teapot? Sometimes, although her teapot was comforting, small and protected and had nothing scary in it… sometimes….she wondered. She wondered who and what was out there, beyond her protected bubble.

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