Introductory (First) Blog Post 🙂


As mentioned, this is my first blog post. As we speak- well, as I write- I am still finishing up my site. It's been a bit of a process, setting this thing up. I've learned a lot, which is not something to ever complain about. I am still struggling to get my portfolio looking exactly as I want it, and ironing out a few last kinks. And then of course I need to upload my work which is something I always procrastinate on; I don't know why, because it's not difficult. I guess it's because I hate tedious work that is just time consuming and boring, as updating your portfolio is. But it's a necessary evil, unfortunately.

So, I have included a blog on my site because I figured it would be great to post some tutorials or just general thoughts and processes on my animation, illustration and motion graphic design work. I will also include some things that I maybe wouldn't include in my portfolio but still think is cool, some works in progress, and new stuff I am experimenting with.

Feel free to comment, share and contact me if you are interested in things I'm talking about, or have something to share that you think I'd be interested in. It's always great to meet people with shared interests!


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